I have university teaching experience in applied statistics (lab instructor), academic writing (instructor), and educational foundations (teaching assistant), along with experience giving guest lectures centered around cognition, motivation, program evaluation, and education law.


 I've led large labs of research assistants, teaching a lab-specific workshop on research methods in Educational Psychology and mentoring students in individual projects, including some submitted and presented at national conferences.


My K-12 teaching experience ranges from second to twelfth grades, in mathematics, computers, and other subjects,  and includes experience  with at-risk students and special populations.


I am a firm believer in activity-based instruction, with the aims of engaging students and forging deeper connections with the content. As a teacher I make use of all tools at my disposal, including educational technology.  I am comfortable in interacting with students and delivering lectures online and have included tools such as blogs, message boards, and all manner of media in my teaching and mentoring.


Philosophy of teaching statement available upon request.